We design and implement international supply chain solutions that connect your world to ours, and put your business a step ahead of the rest by turning challenges into competitive advantages.

About Us

We’re experts at leveraging our global network, consisting of a presence in 26 countries and operations in over 100 more. It is with this global insight and exposure in mind that we are able to provide unparalleled value to our customer base in South Africa.

Allport Cargo Services is more than a supply chain manager or an IT solution provider; an important part of our offering is our ability to share industry best practice, provide offer solution consulting, and provide post implementation user training and support.


in North Asia- including 26 offices in China


throughout the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia


in Europe, Africa, and the Indian Ocean Islands

Why Us?

Our global network allows us to provide
assistance with clients’ customs requirements
from either end of their supply chain.


We work to understand your business and supply chain – where you source and where you sell – in order to provide a solution which best meets your business’ unique needs.


Our LIMA technology provides real-time customs data links between suppliers and consignees, enhancing the value of your supply chains and cost control.

Our customs systems are able to provide a wide range of reports that not only enhances your visibility, but further assists with auditing so you can check efficiently on declaration and duty.
We have a specialist team dedicated to supporting our clients with customs and export compliance issues. The team is on hand to provide advice and training, and assistance.


Process Mapping & Network Modelling

Using state of the art technology we model your business processes to be future fit and agile to continuous improvement.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence tools provide your business with the essential information to make key decisions.

Up Stream Quality Control Processes

We partner with our customers to ensure all their quality control needs and requirements are met.

Container and Carton Space Optimisation

We have a range of programs we implement to drive optimisation and reduce costs for your business.

Port Rationalisation

We optimise your supply chain by ensuring through the most cost-effective channels to improve supply chain efficiencies.

Pick & Pack

Our world-class origin and destination facilities ensure fast turn around times and high levels of co-ordination.

Industries We Service

Construction and Projects


Food and Drinks

Industry and Engineering



Reefer Containers


Our Clients